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Premade funny traffic signs
Although some of the funniest signs are the kind you'll have to design yourself – and your own creativity is the best tool for addressing some situations – online stores also occasionally sell the odd premade sign for particularly popular designs. Here are a few common stock funny traffic signs that will get a smirk right out of the box.

Golf Courses Signs
Sasquatch have been wandering the golf courses of the American northwest since well before humanity came knocking around their caves. Unfortunately, with suburbanites bothering their natural habitats, human-sasquatch interactions like the one pictured in this sign have become much more common in recent years. Keep your local golfers on their toes!
Custom Traffic Signs
Not every neighborhood is car-reliant – some people prefer to stick to the slow patterns of nineteenth-century transportation like the old horse-and-buggy. Gas might be cheaper, but the emissions can be even less pleasant than carbon dioxide. Either way, people on horseback need signage, too, and here’s a stop sign just for them.
Slow Signs
It’s a triumph of graphic design that signs like this are read as "SLOW: CHILDREN PLAYING" instead of "SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING." Either way, you can bet that after a driver goes by this sign, they’ll be keeping their eyes peeled for the kids in the street – and perhaps also their parents.
No Guns Signs
Chances are, drivers will spend so much time trying to wrap their head around this concept, they’ll actually be driving at a fairly reasonable speed.
Common Traffic Signs
If you saw this sign, you would be keeping a very close eye out. Slow drivers down by the sheer force of their imaginations.
Slow Traffic Sign
For a private driveway – maybe leading to the house of a retiree with grandkids – this sign will help remind drivers to keep their speed to a minimum. Children are at particular risk for roadside accidents, but so are pets and the elderly, and put simply, reminders helps.