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Funny traffic signs from around the world
In the same way that the U.S. was the cradle of early motoring (despite what the French might contend), it was the cradle of modern signmaking, too – most of the techniques used even today to make signs reflective were invented and refined here. Traffic-sign hilarity – intentional or otherwise – is a universal phenomenon, though. We've gathered a potpourri of American and international signs that had us chuckling into our computer monitors.

Bilingual Signs
Bilingual signs are a quickly growing market, and studies have shown that ralph lauren outlet non-native speakers respond far better and more quickly to signs printed in their native language. Via
Funny Traffic Signs Pictures
The Border Roads Organisation in India has been mining a rich seam of traffic ralph lauren outlet hilarity for years. This is only one of several funny signs by the nonprofit. Via
Zombie Signs
When this sign says “Zombie Squad,” do they mean “squad of zombies” or “anti-zombie squad?” Via oddharmonic.
Traffic Sign Images
A simple, straightforward way to spare truck drivers the top of their cabs, and the bridge the cost of repairs. Via josephleenovak.
Funny Traffic Sign
It’s nice of this village to post the sign, but wouldn’t it be nicer if they made sure no one got run down by speeding hatchbacks? Via windygig.
Traffic Safety Signs
Roughly translated, this sign requests that people do not gather at the beach after 1 am to reduce noise, and for resident comfort. But you know what this sign is really saying—that you’re in a fun neighborhood. Via Bilal Kamoon.